What is Meditation and How to Get Started

To me, meditation is sustained focus.  It can be done anywhere, many ways, and in many different forms.  Maybe it's running, a sport, even playing video games.  It deals with how long and in depth  we can focus our awareness. In moving meditations that adds some form of conscious action as well.  Moving meditations and still meditations give us a different experience with different skills to develop within each. I recommend playing around with both.

Why Meditation?

I meditate to recharge, to do a mental, physical and energetic self check in; tons of other reasons as well. Meditation allows me to process all the background noise, thoughts, images, urges and sensations that arise.  When those feelings arise in day to day life i'm more comfortable dealing with them because I've created and practiced those experiences in meditation. It also creates time to understand my mental space and how my mind works and associates one thought to the next. 

How to Get Started

To get started with meditation, just start! Carve out a block of time to be by yourself and just sit. Maybe it's right before or after you brush the morning breath out your mouth, lunch time at work, after you get home. Find a time you can consistently do it and take away all the excuses we come up with. I recommend documenting whatever thought, image, sensation, or urges that stuck with you after. 

{My Favorite Meditation)

My favorite meditation is picturing myself right where I am. Just sitting and breathing. I start to visualize the shape of my body, my bones, muscles and most importantly where I feel the breath in my body in 3 Dimensions, height, width, and length. From the crown of the head to the tips of the toes.; From one shoulder to the next; From the back to the chest. That's my point of focus. All I do is watch the breath. Anything outside that pops into my head, my internal sight, even things i physically feel are just the mind attempting to pull my attention away from that image.  The thing i chose to focus on.