What is Yoga

 A relatable explanation of what Yoga is and how it can apply to us in modern day. Incorporating our practice into our lifestyle and our lifestyle through our practice. 



"Yoga" translated from it's Sanskrit language is "Union".

What we're dealing with is the union of the mind, body and breath. The union of the mind and body, by way of the breath. Things that help unite these 3, is practicing Union/Yoga.

Mind / Body / Breath

The mind is the thinker, however only one of it's jobs is to think.

The body is this mass of what we call flesh, bone, and fluids that we have accumulated over our lifetime.

The breath is our bodies most vital energy. We can control it. We can feel it. It can symbolize our will to live, that fight for our next breath of air.

The Union

These poses and practices are a reference to see how we do things in our life off the mat. From how and where we hold energy/tension in our bodies, to how we transition from one pose to the next; From one destination to another. These Union practices are ways we can find and shine our light into parts of ourselves. That awareness gives us the chance to see, live and feel the life we truly want for ourselves.