Why Do I Do Yoga?

Check out this short chip as to why.

Sun Salutations

If you're looking for some basic full body yoga movements that link mind, body and breath, while gently waking us up to this reality, this is where I start.  These Sun Salutations are the bases to my yoga asana practice. Here we open and stabilize and build up our Earth.

Floating Flow

With the Sun Salutations memorized mentally and physically, we expand. Knowing where our foundations are, we expand. We stretch the Earth.

 Floating Yoga is a vinyasa flow style yoga practice that helps to build strength and flexibility in not only the body but mind and spirit/breath as well. This is an energetic, meditative, and heat building practice to purify and explore aspects of our being.  Finding alternative routes around our blockages. The sessions are light hearted, full of shenanigans. Challenge yourself in linking breath, body and mind.