Jarrick "The Floating Yogi"

 Jarrick grew up watching tons of anime. From Dragon Ball Z, YuYu Hakusho, to Pokemon. One thing he didn't know at the time, anime sneaks aspects of yogic practices, and philosophy into the shows. There are shows that cover topics from karma to consciousness, energy to self discipline. The decision to understand this "yogic path" began on the brink of leaving his corporate blue collar job, driving UPS trucks for 8 years. He, not very motivated to wake up early and exert energy, looked for an exercise he could do in small spaces and in the comforts of his own home. Yoga it was. Ashtanga to be specific. After leaving that first Ashtanga class floating on a yoga high, he was hooked. He began having questions about what's happening to his body. Patrick McLeaf, Jarrick's Ashtanga Instructor and Brandon Copeland another yoga instructor Jarrick practiced with, recommended reading the sutras, learning about ayurveda, and Patanjali's 8 principals of yoga. That's when all the anime connections started clicking! Chakras, energy,flow, elements, he began to see all the concepts in different, ways, different dimensions of how they correlate to everyday life. The rabbit hole got deeper! Working ground level at his family business laying bricks and other contracting work, he had more time to practice. Jarrick found ways to take the practices off the mat so he's constantly practicing not getting in the way of everyday tasks. His parents always said "If you're going to do something, do it. Give it your all. If not, then don't." That's where Jarrick developed his "Get it if you want it" mentality from, and he was gettin it. Some of his friends saw his growth and understanding of the practice and encouraged him to teach. Hesitant at first, he gave in to peer pressure and made the conscious decision to teach, after getting Patrick and Brandon thoughts. Jarrick took the 200HR certification at Yoga District, a non profit with several studios in the DC area. Trained in Dharma, Baptiste Power, with a background in Ashtanga and Anime, Breath Work, Meditation, and Mindfulness exercises have been an important part of his practice; so he brings those aspects to his sessions. Jarricks enthusiasm and understanding has encouraged many of his friends and family to begin living healthier lifestyles, becoming more aware of their bodies, breath, and different types of energy within themselves.

For his classes:

Temperature: Starts at 78 Degrees

No inscents